Barry H. Cohen

Barry Cohen

With a 40 year career in marketing and media, Barry Cohen has divided his time between the ad agency and broadcast media environments. He has been a regular contributor to such publications as Radio & Records and Radio Ink, as well as having spoken at trade shows and conferences from coast to coast. For the past 20 years, he has managed AdLab Media Communications, LLC, an advertising & PR firm specializing in emerging brands of natural consumer products.

Barry has personally authored, co-authored, edited and/or promoted over two dozen books. Titles have ranged from business/finance and entrepreneurship, to inspiring stories of those who overcame great personal obstacles, to memoirs, to educational works.

As a publicist, he has secured radio, television, newspaper, magazine and blog coverage for his clients. These authors have experienced increases in their businesses and professional practices, speaking engagements and prominence as a result of working with AdLab. AdLab’s in-house recording facilities have allowed Cohen’s author clients to create derivative works based on their books, as well. The firm has produced over a dozen audio books.

Recognizing the need—and the challenge for new authors to get their voices into the marketplace, Cohen and his business partner decided to expand his firm’s capacity by first partnering with an established independent publisher, and second, by launching the AdLab Editorial Board. This effort will enable authors to have several talented writer-editors available to enhance their projects.

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