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Why Publish?

There are many good reasons to become an author. Maybe you are looking to advance your career; a published work will build your credibility in your field. You might be building a business as an entrepreneur or consultant; a new book can help you grow your audience and create buzz about your work. Publishing a book can be a wonderful way to contribute to a family’s legacy, to remember the people, places, and events that make up a family history. Most often, however, authorship reflects an individual’s desire to share something of value – a story, a new idea, helpful insights and advice.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to publish, Mentor Editors have the resources and expertise to help you at every stage of your book project.

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AdLab Mentor Editors is an editorial board that brings together experienced writers, ghost writers, publishing professionals, and public relations experts. Click here to learn more about Mentor Editors.

Publication Services

Our team of professionals can support your book project at any (and every) stage. Whether you are at the “idea stage” or have a draft manuscript ready for copyediting, we can help you move toward publication and sales. Click here to learn more about what Mentor Editors can do for you, and to see what our clients say about our work.

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Our projects cover a wide range of topics, from memoirs and self-help to business advice. Click here to review a list of projects that we have taken from idea to published work.

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