Publication Services

What We Do for Authors:

As published authors ourselves, we understand the challenges of publishing in today’s world. We help first-time and repeat authors to create and to promote their intellectual property product lines.  AdLab functions as an ad agency, as a PR firm, as an audio-video production house and as publishing consultants for thought leadership. These multi-dimensional in-house capabilities uniquely position us to help independent authors to produce the best works possible, to re-purpose their content and to get their works noticed.

What Have We Done for Authors Lately?

We have helped launch two dozen books, with several more in the works. We have ghost written, edited, publicized and created derivative works for attorneys, accountants, entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers and educators. We have also produced over a dozen audio books.

It’s everything à la carte. For those that require it, we will edit and polish their work to perfection. For those that simply want help getting their books noticed, we will examine their work and collaboratively determine the target audience for the book. Next, together with the author we will craft a series of story hooks that will resonate with that audience. Then, we will compile a suggested media list to reach that audience. Finally, we will deploy the publicity campaign to the media outlets and aggressively follow up.

How’s That Working Out?

AdLab has succeeded in securing local, regional and national press ranging from newspapers to magazines to radio and TV programs, to blogs. Ultimately, all of our PR has ended up online, expanding our authors’ digital footprints and creating quality back links–resulting in raising their profile and their credibility.

As each author’s readership is different, we custom create each campaign.

Let’s talk about what we can do for you. Click here to schedule an appointment. Visit AdLab’s Author FAQs page for additional insights into becoming a published author.

What Our Authors are Saying

I am in gratitude for the magic you put into the creation of this book. Barry’s expertise, creativity and passion for helping others rise to their potential touched me in a powerful way during the time he spent as my editor and public relations consultant.

Dr. Catherine P. Perry, author, Courageous Wake

Barry’s work ethic and mindset have been exemplary! He has pushed me in a way that has brought out so much more than I could ever have imagined. Without Barry’s unique experience, I’d never have stretched myself this far.

Karlene Sinclair Robinson, author, Spank the Bank: THE Guide to Alternative Business Financing

Thank you so much for your support on this project. It is better because of you. I look forward to the next phase of authorship.

Vaughn McKoy, author, Playing Up

I cannot thank you enough. It was through your guidance, patience and quiet wisdom that the book developed into what it is.

Esther Adler, author, Breaking the Chains to Freedom: Finding the Power Within You

I greatly appreciate your help in making this book a reality. I look forward to this being the first of many.

Andrew Frazier, author, Running Your Small Business Like a Pro

You did in two months what I could not complete in five years! Thank you.

Liadi Belo-Osagie, author, In Search of the American Dream: I Found It

Thanks so much for helping me realize my vision.

Todd Smith, author, I Pledge Allegiance

My partner, this is a dream come true! It couldn’t have happened without you. Only the beginning!

Walter Townes, co-author, Comin’ Home

Thanks for joining the journey for change, patiently and creatively.

Penina Rybak, author, Autism Intervention in the iEra

Let’s get your ideas into print.